SOL Results’ Vision

“A leading organisation that enhances and inspires people personal and professional development”

SOL Results’ Mission

“To create worldwide peace, purpose and passion”

The Process

We use the acronym “TIME” to describe the process for creating extraordinary life.


  • Transformation

    This involves challenging ourselves and breaking through barriers. Our belief is that change can happen quickly when using our proprietary technologies. We specialize in transforming your relationships, health, and success in your career and financial position. Our satisfied clients and testimonials are proof that you can create rapid change.

  • Inspiration

    You will be inspired to develop and enhance your leadership skills. As a Leader you will learn that being in a Positive state of mind is crucial to your decision making and to the direction that you take in your life.

  • Motivation

    You will develop new strategies that will enable you to step up and enjoy taking on new challenges and opportunities.

  • Education

    Consistent growth and learning will expand the vision of your life and take your life to the next level!