Culture is everything

I remember when I was a teenager and my cousins from the US came over to visit my family in Adelaide.

I was really impacted by the great family culture they had. The siblings (there were 3 siblings – two girls and a boy) all got along so well, the parents were very much in love (after some 20 years in marriage) and there was a fun & respectful nature between the parents and the children. I remember thinking to myself, wow – these cousins of mine are a truly happy family!

I was reminded of this last month when we had Bob Beaumont speak at our “Breakfast at the Next Level” event. I have had the privilege of meeting some of his key people and once again I noticed this “magical” element – although this time it was present in employees. The team that Bob Beaumont has built around him is like one big happy and proud family.

You see, culture is everything. Family culture, work culture, and the culture between successful business partnerships. How do you pinpoint exactly what makes a great culture? It is very simple…culture is created from thoughts and emotions.

Thoughts are have a tangible impact on us. I am sure your recall being in the environment of a very negative person only to be left feeling “drained” at the end of the conversation! Similarly, what an amazing feeling it is when you catch up with a great friend who makes you laugh, gives you genuine compliments, always looks out to help you with any issue or desire, and says good things about you when your back is turned. You see, that is culture- it all begins with us.

Leaders create culture by managing their thoughts and projecting the right emotions (compassion, strength, love, courage, passion, fun) toward the people around them.

Most people are not aware that their thoughts affect the way they feel as well as the way other people feel when they interact with them. Once you realise that; you know that you have only two choices – the choice to convey positive energy or the choice to convey negative energy. And each of those energies has the corresponding thoughts that come with them. It is impossible to speak negatively about someone and at the same time truly feel love & compassion for them….try it and see!

Leaders know how to make themselves congruent in thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. They know that people with similar thoughts & emotions will want to be around them. Similarly, the people who want to dwell in negative thoughts and emotions will end up being like oil is to water and will leave the leader’s presence. Then of course, the leader fills this vacuum with a new person who thinks and feels similarly to them.

This is exactly how a culture is developed in your workplace or business. It all begins with your own personal development as a leader. Change yourself and you will in due course change the people around you – they will either change to be like you or leave and be replaced with others like you.

Personal development and business success go hand in hand. It is the journey of a leader to develop his/her thinking, master emotions, convey positive energy to their people, and in doing so, create a healthy happy productive culture.

Personal development and family success are similar. Unity between life partners and unity with your children are determined by your ability to convey positive thoughts and emotions. You can cultivate this by spending quality and quantity time together focussing on making one another happy.

And this blog is just a the tip of the iceberg, I hope to see you at our next Breakfast at the Next Level whereby I will be sharing with you all the important aspects of creating a positive culture – whether it is in your workplace, business or in your family. When you have a great culture, you are basically creating an environment that is a happy one. As we all know, life is not long enough for us to waste our time on negativity.

I encourage you to develop a simple habit I started many years ago – begin the day with an act of kindness. Find someone as early as you can in the day to do something special to…perhaps it is greeting your neighbour, sending a happy birthday SMS, or offering to make a coffee or tea. Like attracts like so practice the behaviour you want to attract more of each day.

Live with passion, stay on your life’s purpose, and always be at peace.

Stan Kontos

Chairman & Co-Founder SOL Results


Make decisions quickly, change them slowly

I remember reading about Henry Ford (the inventor of the Ford Motor Company in the US) – he had many wisdoms that he lived his life by, one of them being, “Make decisions quickly, change them slowly”.

Most people take far too long to make a decision because they are afraid of making the ‘wrong’ decision. And some make quick decisions based on fear. The fear of failure rules so many people’s hearts that it holds them back from progressing to the next level in their life or career. However, having said that, I would like to clarify that it is true that success does comes from quick decisions, however, it comes from informed quick decisions that are effectively thought through. This statement may sound like some ‘mumble jumble’ so please let me explain. I have always enjoyed making quick decisions. Some of them have not been good decisions, however the majority have been. I have made many decisions in a matter of a few minutes – from buying properties or businesses, to making important staff decisions. The one common element with all my decisions is that I ensure that I am informed about the decision beforehand and I have processed it correctly in my mind.

Here is a simple yet highly effective decision making strategy that you will be able to bring into every area of your life. I will use the example of buying a property to clarify the process. But remember, this is a process that you can use for any decision.

1st step : Create 5 key measures important to a good decision that can be objectively measured.

For example, with buying a property it may be as follows:

(a) Is the land size conducive to subdivision and hence value creation?

(b) Is the home in reasonable condition such that I can easily rent it out?

(c) Is it in a street that has a good capital upside?

(d) Is it in my price range?

(e) Can I create a 20% gross return over 2 years or at least $100,000 whichever is the greater?

2nd Step: Seek the knowledge of wise counsel.

It is important that with every decision that you discuss it with someone who has the ‘runs on the board’ in this area of life – that is, someone informed. This could be in the form of a quick phone call (2 minutes) to get confirmation of your thoughts.

3rd Step: Access your intuition (your heart).

Ensure that once step 1 and 2 are completed, that you use your intuition to get the final confirmation to go through with the decision.  The first time you use a process such as this one, it may take you a good degree of time to make the decision. However, your goal should always be to become highly effective with decision making by practicing getting faster and faster. Some areas of life will take longer than others depending on your experiences and on your access to wise counsel.

As you know, at SOL Results our commitment to you is to assist you in getting better results in every area of your life. Our current focus is to assist you in property, so if this is of interest, I encourage you to come along to the next Breakfast at the Next Level. And from that you can decide whether to do our course Real Estate Riches which will give you all the tools and wise counsel to become an effective decision maker in residential real estate. You can then go on the journey of wealth creation knowing you have the knowledge and skillset to safely create your own personal fortune in real estate.

You are where you are today because of the decisions of the past and you will be where you will be in the future because of your decisions from today.

Begin practicing effective decision making today and learn to enjoy making quick, informed, effective decisions. Measure your decisions and once you can see that you are making good quick decisions the majority of the time, you will see abundance appearing in your life.

Live with passion, stay on your life’s purpose and always be at peace.


Stan Kontos

Chairman & Co-Founder SOL Results

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