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72 – Message of the week: Know & Understand Thyself

BY STAN KONTOS This week I’d like to share with you the importance of investing sufficient time each week studying and working on ourselves.   Every human being (including you and I) have weaknesses which need to be worked on with the view to overcoming them, as well as strengths which need to be further developed […]

70 – Behold, I will do new things

BY STAN KONTOS I hope this Words of Inspiration finds you excited about the gradual increase in freedoms that are coming our way here in Adelaide and across Australia. Things we took for granted we will once again begin to enjoy although this time I am sure with greater levels of appreciation, I will certainly […]

69 – Are you ready to be flexible in your thinking?

BY STAN KONTOS So, as we come out of COVID-19 lock down in the near future, how will you keep your mind free of unnecessary self imposed limited patterns developed these last few weeks? Will you continue to live with anxiety and rigidity like an inflexible statue, or will you be a flexible thinker adapting joyously […]

68 – The One Thing, Everything

BY STAN KONTOS The One Thing, Everything Questions are the Answer Live in Peace and Joy I have always believed in a “one thing, everything” life statement. It is like a compass in life. For many, this is referred to as a “Purpose Statement”, the purpose of one’s life, or it could be called “One’s […]

67 – Learn to look back from the future

BY STAN KONTOS One of the greatest “mind exercises” I learnt years ago was the ability to fast forward in one or two years, then look back in time, back to the present moment. By doing this, it always eliminates anxiety and unhelpful worry.  If we do this exercise right now and look forward in […]

66 – Believe It and Achieve It

BY STAN KONTOS If you reflect upon every exciting and great goal you have ever achieved, it was because you opened your mind to possibilities. Then you began believing in these possibilities. Following this belief, you took action when you saw an opening that could lead you to your aspiration. And eventually you achieved this […]

65 – Be Anxious for Nothing

BY STAN KONTOS Wouldn’t it be great to get rid of anxiety, anxious thoughts, angst, fear, stress and any fearful thoughts and emotions?   I am sure at some stage in our life we have heard of the “flight and fight response”. In simplicity, the response of flight (fleeing, running away), or fight (to face […]

64 – Affirmations

BY STAN KONTOS One of the most powerful tools to switch our mind fleeing away from the subconscious impact of media negativity and drawing night toward the light (positivity), is to declare positive statements over your life. Construct a list of phrases that make you feel good with a sense of hope and excitement for […]

63 – Out with the old, in with the new

BY STAN KONTOS Have you ever noticed that history repeats itself?  For those of us that studied history (I did a long time ago in High School), it is incredible how many times we human beings repeat the past. Let’s look at the share market, there is always a period of growth (the bull market) […]