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Culture is everything

I remember when I was a teenager and my cousins from the US came over to visit my family in Adelaide. I was really impacted by the great family culture they had. The siblings (there were 3 siblings – two girls and a boy) all got along so well, the parents were very much in […]

Make decisions quickly, change them slowly

I remember reading about Henry Ford (the inventor of the Ford Motor Company in the US) – he had many wisdoms that he lived his life by, one of them being, “Make decisions quickly, change them slowly”. Most people take far too long to make a decision because they are afraid of making the ‘wrong’ […]

Thank you team for an inspiring weekend

Thank you team for an inspiring weekend, that I would describe as Alpha (learning) meets Landmark or Landmark with HEART. Thank God you guys emphasise the importance of Truth and Spirit for a fulfilling life! This was a pleasant surprise and made my weekend all the more satisfying – knowing I was in the hands of […]

I cannot remember feeling this good

Hi Stan, Peter, Manual, Rita, Cathy, Hung and John, Well since your seminar I have felt so full of life its like I’m jumping out of my skin and that is how my life is, full of excitement. I cannot remember feeling this good and positive about life since the birth of my first child, […]

Went beyond my expectations

The weekend went beyond my expectations and I found the peace that I needed which I couldn’t do by myself. This weekend gave me closure on what was a very hurtful, confusing and frightening situation. Thank you all and bless you all. Adriana Pace

I recommend it whole heartedly

I really enjoyed SOL Institute’s seminar. It makes you feel excited and it gets you to take action towards your own goals. Especially, when you can see other people around you doing the same and making massive changes in their lives. I recommend it whole heartedly. Petra R

After those few hours my life instantly changed

Hi Manuel , Peter and Stan, I just wanted to thank you for all the help and guidance you have provided for me. It means a lot to me that you took the time out of your public holiday to coach me and help me begin my transformation to a better self. After those few […]

The weekend was a life changing experience

Stan, Manuel and Peter are very genuine, down to earth people, who have walked the walk. Their personal experiences gave me the belief that anyone can achieve their dreams if they learn to apply the power of the mind. The weekend was a life changing experience. Thank you Bruno A

It was great to actually think about the way we think

Thank you for introducing us to the workshop. It was great to actually think about the way we think and how we can use the tools that the workshop has provided us to focus on some of our thoughts in order to achieve our goals and to become a better person. Thank you Manuel, Stan […]

It gave me an even deeper insight into myself

Thank you so much. It was an amazing day. It gave me an even deeper insight into myself and the part we all play in the world. Warmest regards and blessings Julie W