Looking for balance, fulfilment, purpose, happiness and freedom? More succcess in every aspect of your life is just around the corner…

This event is for you

The Next Level Retreat is a must-attend event if you’re looking for more in life and you’re ready to make your dreams come true.

This powerful 2 day event is designed for anyone who is:

Feeling stuck

Wanting new direction

Looking for a change

Dealing with issues they cannot resolve

Wanting better relationships

Wanting to become a better leader

Wanting to improve communication skills

Eager to find and live their purpose

Looking for more fulfilment and meaning in life

Wanting more balance

Seeking to create more abundance in life

So if any of those sound like you, the Next Level Retreat will provide you with the solutions you’re searching for as well as the inspiration and motivation to change your life for the better.

Whether you’re looking to be more successful in relationships, business, wealth creation or leadership, you’ll discover the strategies you need to get the results you want. And if you’re seeking inner peace, balance and happiness, the Next Level Retreat will show you the way.

Too often, people just like you put off taking the time and focus to spend on creating the life you dream of. Now is the time to give yourself one of the most valuable gifts in the world and set yourself up for an exciting new start in 2018.

Unlock the power of your


Many people are surprised to discover that their subconscious mind is more powerful than their conscious mind. They’re amazed when they come to understand their subconscious mind and see how it is supporting or sabotaging them.

At the Next Level Retreat, you’ll explore your own subconscious mind. You’ll see instantly why you’ve been getting the results you have, how your life has been perfectly created to fit with your subconscious thinking, and most importantly… how you can re-program your mind to get more of what you want in life and less of what you don’t.

Have you ever felt like you’re in a rut? Have you ever noticed yourself repeating the same patterns over and over without realising it until later? Have you ever thought you’re just not lucky? Or wondered why others seem to get on easier than you? Have you ever faced a problem that you firmly believed cannot be solved and that no one else understood properly? All these common experiences are the result of your thinking. The good news is that they can all be overcome. But, as Albert Einstein said, ‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.’

At the Next Level Retreat, you’ll learn different ways of thinking, both consciously and subconsciously, that will enable you to solve the problems you face, overcome obstacles and align your mind with your purpose and goals.

When you examine your subsconscious thinking for the first time, it’s like finally finding the lightwsitch in a dark room and seeing what’s inside for the first time. Now, with clear vision, you can rearrange, remove and add things to create exactly what you want.

At the Next Level Retreat you’ll learn:

How successful people think (and how you can do it too)

How to start the day with the right mindset

How to ensure your thinking is supporting and not sabotaging you in life

How to make better decisions more often

How to re-program your subconscious mind

How to identify and overcome obstacles that have been holding you back

The science of setting goals and making them exciting

How to use your mind correctly

How to use language to get better outcomes

Harmonise and energise your


Your body and mind are connected. In some ways the connection is obvious… it’s easier to feel great mentally when you feel good physically. In other ways, the connection is not as obvious, but it is just as significant…

Just the way you sit, walk and stand can impact your mind. Certain triggers in your body can elicit certain thoughts – post positive and negative. And although the mind-body connection works the other way around too (your thoughts affect your body chemistry), one of the easiest ways to create positive change in your life is to start by changing your physiology.

At the Next Level Retreat, you’ll learn about the roles movement, food and other things you do play in the health and performance of your body. And you’ll discover extremely simple ways to dramatically improve the way you look and feel which can easily be integrated into your life.

In fact, within weeks, you can start to see and feel the positive change you can make to your body and the affect it has on your mind and your life as a whole. Just by making some small changes to diet, one Next Level Retreat graduate was surprised to see the weight literally ‘fall off’ within 2 weeks. This is not uncommon.

When you discover the power of the connection between the body and the mind, you’ll be astonished at the possibilities you didn’t realise existed that are now available to you. Things that you can immediately start ding, and things you’ll want to immediately stop doing! You’ll begin to use language in an entirely new way… instead of losing weight, you’ll be gaining a slim figure… instead of dieting, you’ll be eating well. These subtle wording differences may trivial now but you’ll soon discover there are a host of ‘universal laws’ at work behind the scenes that most of us are never taught.

At the Next Level Retreat you’ll learn:

How your physiology affects your mind and your life as a whole

How to achieve the body you desire

Simple ways to support your body and health

The basis of dis-ease

How to use your body to support your mind and align with your goals

How to feel and look great

A positive body and self image

The power of language over the body

Realise your full potential &


Life is meant to be exciting. Sure, there are things that no one enjoys that need to be done, but even these things become easier when there is a greater purpose and a sense of deep fulfilment in living.

Sadly, as Henry David Thoreau once said, ‘Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.’

Everyone has a song within them and when it comes to purpose and fulfilment, it is this song that we each need to find, honor and express.

At the Next Level Retreat, you’ll spend some time on YOU… a rarity  for most busy people… to get in touch with what makes your heart sing, the things you love to do, your gifts, your deepest aspirations and dreams and those things that would make you want to dive out of bed every morning. Don’t worry if you have no idea what these things might be right now – you’ll have the time, and the right guidance to find them at the Next Level Retreat.

Using a range of coaching strategies, Stan, Peter, Manuel and John will guide you through a series of processes that will get to the core of what makes you tick and help you reconnect with it. Then, they’ll work with you to integrate it into your life – even if you thought it was an impossible dream, you’ll learn how you can actually achieve it afterall.

People who are living their purpose are constantly inspired, have super-human energy levels and exude vitality and life. Difficulties are made easier and the fruits of their labour are so much sweeter. Living your purpose is not a luxury available to a select few as society may sometimes have us believe, it is available to everyone and at the Next Level Retreat, you’ll learn how you can do it too.

At the Next Level Retreat you’ll learn:

How to find the way to discovering your life purpose

How to integrate it and start living it

The power of living your purpose

How your purpose creates your goals

How to have more meaning and fulfilment in your life

Why it’s essential to break out of monotony

How to access seemingly endless amounts of energy and enthusiasm

How to handle difficulty with ease

How to

Overcome Obstacles

At the Next Level Retreat, you’ll discover how you can break free from the things that have been holding you back in life. Long-standing problems, fears, pressures, lack of energy or enthusiasm, indecision, people and other common issues that keep many people from living the life they really want.

Using powerful, science-based coaching tools, you’ll be armed with a host of new strategies and information that will give you more control and more choices in your life.

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Start living the life you dream of

  • Dates

    Thursday 13th – Friday 14th
    September, 2018
    9:00am – 5:00pm

  • Tickets

    $1,298 per person (includes 1 night accommodation)

    Early bird price $998 (expires midnight Friday 28th April 2017)

    Call 1800 251 385 to book your place.

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