Here’s what you’ll get

Real Estate Riches gives you the information and valuable tools you need to succeed in property investment in the Adelaide market.

Real Estate  Riches offers the following online course:

Online Course

  • Access to online course via video links.
  • A comprehensive manual packed full of the information you’ll learn throughout the program for easy reference, including:
    • A detailed renovation checklist that will help ensure the work you do really IS adding value to avoid costly mistakes;
    • Feasibility calculators you can use to assess the potential of property so you can go into property deals knowing you can make money;
    • Property purchase checklist;
    • Strategies for generating new property leads, and;
    • A property Option agreement specifically for the Adelaide market.
  • Personality profiling to provide you with valuable insight into your own strengths and weaknesses in investment.

$798 – available all year round 

One on one mentoring with either Stan or Manuel is available through the Platinum Program, contact us for more information and costs