Who should enrol to Real Estate Riches?

Beginners and experienced property investors alike will benefit from this program. Real Estate Riches will assist you if:

You’re looking to get started in property investment or grow your property portfolio;

You’re interested in strategies for capital growth through property investing;

You want to generate income through property;

You’re unsure (or a little nervous) about property investment and want the knowledge to get started with confidence

You’d like to eventually leave your job and generate your income and wealth on your own terms;

You want to understand how to work with Adelaide Councils to make more through property;

You already have investment property in the Adelaide area but you’re not sure if your current property portfolio (including tax) is maximised; or

You want to learn how to find and buy property that will give you the best returns.

Over the Real Estate Riches program with Stan Kontos and Manuel Karkafiris and their guest specialists, you’ll learn about every aspect of successful property investment including:


  • How to identify good investment properties
  • How to negotiate effectively to secure the best deal
  • How to use contract conditions to your advantage
  • How to buy using Options
  • How to conduct a feasibility study on properties
  • How to avoid bad purchasing decisions
  • How to finance property deals

Adding Value

  • How to plan and execute a renovation to add value
  • How to make the most of the 30 year plan for Adelaide to make money in real estate
  • How to cut through council red tape
  • How to assess the maximum potential of a property
  • How to plan and execute subdivisions in the Adelaide area
  • How to plan and design a development in the Adelaide area
  • How to fast-track your development applications
  • How to add the most value to your investment properties

Building Wealth

  • How to build a solid property portfolio that can build wealth for you over the long term
  • How to use property to generate income
  • How to design a property strategy that could provide you with the lifestyle you want
  • How to structure your investments and finances effectively
  • How to invest in property through a Self Managed Super Fund
  • How to systemise your property investing to generate consistent, reliable returns