2 – Now is a good time to reflect, review and consider how 2014 is going.


I sincerely hope you are having a great year. If you’re like me, you will be thinking “Wow, this year certainly has gone by quicker than I thought it would!” Now that we are at the last couple of months of our calendar year, it is a good time to look back at how great the year has been… a good time to review our goals and the wonderful things we have brought into our lives… and also to be realistic about the strategy we have used to ensure we are maximising the enjoyment from life.

First let’s reflect….. What’s been great this year – what’s really worked for you?

Go through every area of life and reflect on what has been great (personal development, spiritual development, leisure, career/business, finances/wealth, friendships, health/vitality and family/relationships). And similarly, reflect on all the challenges you have had to rise above and be grateful for all the learnings and all the support from other people you have had during the difficult times.

Let’s now review all our goals and see which ones still need work – it is not too late as the year is not over yet.

Perhaps that income goal isn’t quite there…. maybe those special moments with your loved one fell by the wayside as you were too busy….. Or, could you put in more energy into the personal development goal and create a habit of regular reading?

If you have a personal coach, then I am hoping you have achieved most of your goals and dreams for the year as that is the benefit of being coached – if not, then please do sit down with them and review what’s working and not working so you can quickly re-calibrate your year to finish it on a high.

If you do not have a personal coach and you have not achieved at least 70% of your goals by now, then it may be time to engage one to not only improve the remainder of this year but to also set up 2015 for greater success & happiness.

It‘s also a time to reconsider what’s important to you?  Begin thinking about 2015 and looking at the finer details to ensure your goals will be exciting, meaningful and feel good. Now is the time to keep looking at how you would like 2015 to be so that by the time the new year comes along, you are ready, focused and passionate about the new year. Remember, each year is a gift, each day, and each hour is a gift so let’s ensure it is used wisely.

I look forward to seeing you at the next breakfast where we will be listening to a man who has achieved some truly amazing things in his life… click here to find out more and book.

Live with passion, stay on purpose, and always be at peace.