45 – Personal growth comes from living outside the comfort zone


It is a natural human inclination to stay within our comfort zone. You know what I mean – keep doing the same thing, hang around the same people, play the same sports, read the same kind of material, and think about goals that are achievable. I too fall into this way of thinking and living, as being uncomfortable is not something we generally like. However, having said that, it is when we are uncomfortable that we grow personally and spiritually. If we reflect on our lives, we rarely learn anything when in our comfort zone and hence our greatest learnings have come when we were very uncomfortable (handling a major issue, dealing with a set back, facing a fear).

It is time we began to look forward to being uncomfortable some of the time. When we are uncomfortable, and we put fear aside, we begin to think creatively, search for solutions, ask more questions, pray more, and develop a “do whatever it takes” mindset to get the outcome we want, need or desire.

Whilst I am not advocating putting yourself under stress, I am advocating that you do need to get the adrenaline going from time to time with a task or goal that brings the best out of you. When was the last time you faced a fear?

  • The fear of public speaking
  • The fear of making the effort to meet someone outside your normal circle and develop a friendship
  • The fear of acquiring another investment (with good advice of course)
  • The fear of employing another person in good faith in order to expand your business
  • The fear of getting married
  • The fear of having another child
  • And so the list goes on and on

A great wisdom I like to bring to my consciousness is “Face the Fear and Win!” Yes, when you don’t know what to do, you know what to do. Nothing like facing a fear and getting through it!

Today, write down 10 things that would make you nervous (uncertain) and pick one that you believe with a little help from your coach or mentor (you can contact us here at SOL Results as we’d be happy to assist), you might just be able to achieve it. Yes, you know it will take getting through nervousness and uncertainty but you also know that at the end of it, you will be a better person. And hence once you have achieved it, it will lift your confidence and self esteem knowing that you conquered your own self imposed limitation.

Many of our guests at Breakfast at The Next Level had to face their fears and limitations and their success came when they grew past them. You too can be a greater version of you – a much more successful person and all it takes is the decision to step out of your comfort zone and into the faith zone. It is in the faith zone that all the miracles happen!  Go for it – become a miracle for all to see.

Live with passion, always stay on your life purpose, and stay at peace.

Stan Kontos 

As South Australia’s foremost authority on “Peak Life Performance” and “Leadership Psychology”, Stan has a passion for the development of Human Potential through the use of Rapid Change Technologies.
Stan is a prolific reader of books and material on self empowerment and has attended numerous programs around the world on personal development, management, marketing, public speaking, and wealth creation. He is a worldwide accredited NLP Trainer (Neurolinguistic Programming).

His areas of passion include:

  • Coaching: Business, Executive and Personal
  • Mentoring: Leaders, Managers and Management teams
  • Therapy for rapid improvements in stress and personal blocks
  • Leadership Development
  • Life Enhancing Seminar Programs teaching Success Strategies and Personal Empowerment

Stan is an entrepreneur with business interests in various states across Australia.

Stan focuses on continuous and never ending improvement of himself and his teams of partners and associates as well as selfless contribution to others. He is an inspiring and motivating speaker, author, coach, and entrepreneur. He desires to expand people’s lives and to expand his charitable quests.

Best wishes to you as you live a life of passion, purpose and peace as an open minded progressive human being.

Stan is considered to be one’s “ultimate” life and business coach.