59 – Speak that which you want to be, do and have in life


Happy New Year – I hope this year is an exciting one for you, full of wisdom and great achievements.

Many of us set new year goals and thankfully many of us look or think about our key goals daily which is fantastic – this is so important if we are to make manifest that which we desire in life. There is another step that many of us do not implement effectively and that is to create a new annual Affirmation List inclusive of our goals that we speak verbally each and every day. I make a new Affirmation List each year and it details who I want to become, what I want to be doing with my life, and what I want to have – that is, what are my priorities and focuses in life for the year. In this information age, our mind is bombarded with so much that we need to retrain it to focus and hence allow the relevant information in, so we can be processing thoughts that are linked to the way we want to live and linked to the goals we desire to achieve.

One of the ways you can do an affirmation list is to look at your Life Wheel (career, finances, leisure, family, relationship, spirituality, personal development and health) and affirm how you want to be living in each area of your life, as well as affirming your goals. Another method I use, is to review my limiting beliefs (what I find it hard to believe I can achieve) and then create thoughts that I have actually achieved the outcome.

The key to affirmations is to verbalise with gratitude as if you have already achieved the outcome. Faith is about turning the invisible (your thoughts) into the visible (manifestation).

Here are some examples:

  1. I am blessed with doors opening and opportunities abound. No weapon formed around me can prosper.
  2. I am so happy and grateful now that I am earning $XX per month for my business investments. It is so. Thank you.

I am a big believer in prayer and positive thinking and I link the two together. My experience has been that we need to get ourselves into a state of gratitude by focusing on what is good in our lives and when in this state, to project in our mind and language the goal which we are desiring in our heart to bring into our life, and as we are projecting this goal to remain in a state of absolute certainty that we will achieve it and at the same time to remain in a state of gratefulness (gratitude). My belief is that if this goal is aligned to the purpose the creator has for your life, then it will come to pass and manifest in your life. With time, you will know what is aligned to your life purpose because you will feel it in your heart. The benefit of time and wisdom has taught me this.

So begin today by sitting down and creating a simple one page Affirmation List with 5 to 20 affirmations which depict how your life will evolve this year, who you will become, what you will do and what goals you will achieve. 

Live with passion, stay on your life purpose, and always be at peace.

Stan Kontos 

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As South Australia’s foremost authority on “Peak Life Performance” and “Leadership Psychology”, Stan has a passion for the development of Human Potential through the use of Rapid Change Technologies.   Stan is a prolific reader of books and material on self empowerment and has attended numerous programs around the world on personal development, management, marketing, public speaking, and wealth creation. He is a worldwide accredited NLP Trainer (Neurolinguistic Programming).

His areas of passion include:

  • Coaching: Business, Executive and Personal
  • Mentoring: Leaders, Managers and Management teams
  • Therapy for rapid improvements in stress and personal blocks
  • Leadership Development
  • Life Enhancing Seminar Programs teaching Success Strategies and Personal Empowerment

Stan is an entrepreneur with business interests in various states across Australia.

Stan focuses on continuous and never ending improvement of himself and his teams of partners and associates as well as selfless contribution to others. He is an inspiring and motivating speaker, author, coach, and entrepreneur. He desires to expand people’s lives and to expand his charitable quests.

Best wishes to you as you live a life of passion, purpose and peace as an open minded progressive human being.

Stan is considered to be one’s “ultimate” life and business coach.