Breakfast at the Next Level | June 2022 | Positive Thinking and Problem Solving

Unfortunately, our next guest speaker Jamie McClurg is no longer able to join us on the 1st of June, due to overseas commitments, however, is now speaking on the Wednesday 10h of August instead.

Join us for our next inspirational breakfast with our mastercoaches Stan Kontos and John Ngatia. At this special workshop event, Stan and John will share valuable knowledge to motivate you to go beyond what you believe to be your capabilities and live the life you desire & deserve.The Power of Positive Thinking with Stan Kontos

The Power of Positive Thinking with Stan Kontos

Learn how your thoughts can help shape every facet of your life. Through deliberate thinking in a constructive way, you can create better relationships, a healthier body & mind, improved finances and most importantly a happier & more meaningful life. Come along and learn techniques how you too can take your thoughts to a higher level and live the life you desire & deserve

The Root of all Challenges – how to resolve any problem with John Ngatia

Challenges or problems- as they are often referred to, are forever and we can’t avoid them. You’ll wake up tomorrow and have problems for breakfast. You’ll jump on the train and read a problem in your email inbox. You’ll get to the office and get a problem smack bang in your pretty face!

However not every situation which seems like a solution is actually a solution and not every situation which seems like challenge or problem is a problem.

If you equip yourself in such a way that no matter what happens you know how to make it into a wonderful experience for yourself, then it does not matter what challenge you face. What life throws at us is not our choice always and …Life may throw all kinds of things at us but the important thing is what we make out of it. To empower ourselves in this way requires we go to the root cause of all challenges. If you are to eliminate anything…you must know what the root cause because addressing the symptoms is never the answer.

At the Breakfast we will navigate through the real cause of ALL Challenges and empower you to navigate through all aspects of life smoothly and effortlessly. You cannot afford to miss out.

About Stan Kontos

Stan Kontos is a South Australian business leader, author, mentor, coach and inspirational speaker who enjoys sharing wisdom on living successfully, being positive, and achieving a better balanced life.

His passion is to expand his personal, professional and spiritual development and is an accredited NLP Trainer.

His areas of passion include:

1. Coaching & Mentoring leaders, business owners, and management teams in creating more success for themselves & their clients

2. How to overcome stress and lead a more peaceful & fulfilling life

3. Time management mastery

Stan is an entrepreneur with various businesses around Australia.

Stan focuses on continuous self-improvement of himself and of others – his desire is to expand people’s lives by expanding their mind and helping them grow their entrepreneurial spirit and then to give back to humanity.

Stan is considered one’s ultimate life & business coach.

About John Ngatia

John is a Speaker, Peak Performance and Turnaround Coach, an accredited NLP Master Practitioner and a Hydration Specialist. As a speaker/trainer he has an endearing and charismatic style that captures his audience’s attention and hearts.

John’s mission is to inspire millions of people worldwide to live a life of joy, great health and financial abundance.

He is a business and personal development consultant, a peak performance and turn around coach, a dynamic and compelling speaker whose passion is to inspire, motivate and help people to personally enhance and enrich the quality of their life, physically, mentally and financially.

A qualified accountant of over 15 years, John has had extensive experience and understanding of business and managing large corporations, having worked in both small businesses and large multinational organisations. This experience can assist you in understanding strategies to apply in your own business and at work.

He has successfully coached and mentored high profile business owners, executives, doctors, surgeons and sports personalities. Some past clients include Kimberly Clarke International, Australia Post, Crown Equipment, Motorola, Star Pharmacy Group, BAE Systems to name but a few.

Join us at Breakfast at the Next Level, on Wednesday 1 June 2022. The SOL Results team looks forward to welcoming you.


1079 Life and SOL Results presents BREAKFAST AT THE NEXT LEVEL


01 Jun 2022


Networking from 6.30AM
7:00 am - 9:00 am




Adelaide Pavilion


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