Manuel Karkafiris

Manuel is a Director and co-Founder of SA’s leading personal and professional development company, SOL Results.

He is an Internationally Accredited Trainer in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and a Master Coach. He focuses on improving his client’s performance in all areas of their life, from their Career and Finances to their Relationships and Health.

Manuel is a leading expert in Communication Mastery and Success Mindset.

He is passionate about achieving Success, Balance and Fulfillment in Life.

Manuel is also a degree qualified Chemical Scientist , and early on in his career, excelled as an Account Sales Manager for an international U.S.A Fortune 500 corporation.

Following this, Manuel began a diverse and successful business background in retail franchising. He has owned and operated multiple retail stores making them state-wide and nation-wide “top performers.

He will inspire you and give you a new awareness on how you can create a successful and balanced life.

Manuel recently flew to California, USA and caught up with his mentor, Jack Canfield (International best selling author of the Success Principles and the widely acclaimed Chicken Soup for the Soul).