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Join us at Fedoras Restaurant – or join via Zoom


COVID-19 UPDATE – date change

We are happy to announce we have been able to postpone the event Breakfast at the Next Level from 4th of August till WEDNESDAY the 11th of August, hopeful that by then restrictions will be eased further and we can welcome ALL of our loyal sponsors, annual members and supporters in a safe environment.

So update your calendars…
Wednesday 11 of August 2021, same place same time

Please reach out if you do have any further questions or concerns


Turning Adversity into Strength – The Nick Lee Story & Jodi Lee Foundation

With Nick Lee – Director at Health Minds & Chair at Jodi Lee Foundation


Wednesday 11 August 2021 | 7:00AM – 9:00AM (networking starts 6.30AM)

Join us at Breakfast at the Next Level, on Wednesday 11th August 2021, when we welcome Nick Lee, a corporate health expert and the Chairman of the Jodi Lee Foundation. He is also the Co-Director and Partner of Healthy Minds, a program that aims to provide people with optimal mental health and wellbeing.

With a beautiful family and working as a director of multi-national consumer goods company, Nick Lee had good reason to be happy and optimistic about his future. That changed in an instant when his wife Jodi was diagnosed with stage IV bowel cancer at the age of 39. After battling with the disease for 2 years, Jodi passed away in 2010.

We all face critical hurdles in our lives, but when we do, it is how we react that determines our future health and happiness. After Jodi’s death Nick made the brave decision to leave his job and use his experience to do all he could to stop others suffering a similar experience.

He established The Jodi Lee Foundation to inspire others to protect themselves against bowel cancer and make positive choices to improve their health. The work of the Foundation has saved many Australian lives.

As the Founder of The Jodi Lee Foundation, Nick developed a passion for corporate health and a strong desire to improve the health of ordinary Australians. Joining Tom Nehmy at Healthy Minds presented a perfect opportunity for Nick to fuel his passion. Nick has a wealth of corporate experience and is an accomplished speaker using his powerful story to motivate and inspire others to take action to improve their health. Nick is able to relate his own personal experience to current thinking about mental health, coping with stress and making the right choices when confronted with critical hurdles in our lives.

Nick was a 2015 SA Australian of the Year finalist, and was awarded the 2013 Social Entrepreneur of the Year (Central Region) by Ernst and Young.

This breakfast event is not to be missed! Join us to hear from Nick Lee on his life story, and how he has used his corporate business experience in the not-for-profit sector, successfully driving the growth of the Jodi Lee Foundation.


Wednesday 2 June 2021 | 7:00AM – 9:00AM (networking starts 6.30AM)

Hilton Hotel – Fedoras Restaurant – 264 South Road Hilton

Join us at Breakfast at the Next Level, on Wednesday 2 June 2021, when we meet Marie Shaw QC. She is a pioneer and trailblazer in the legal profession as well as a lifechanging force lovingly shaping at risk youth into extraordinary community leaders.

With a burning passion focussed on improving community wellbeing, Marie’s work as the Co-founder of Ice Factor Program for at risk and disengaged youth -since 2005, is making a profound difference to the lives of young people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. It currently supports youth in 17 high schools in S.A through the discipline and teamwork, training and playing competitive ice hockey.

Starting in 1975 as a young clerk, working for Moran & McRae, Barristers & Solicitors, Marie worked hard during these years and as a result she became a partner in 1982 and commenced practice as a Barrister at the Independent Bar in 1985.

Over the next four decades, Marie made a powerful impact in the High Court, Federal Court, Supreme Court, Industrial Court, Family Court and the various Tribunals.

In her early years, growing up in Warrachie, Eyre Peninsula, Marie had burning willpower to achieve an education. Coming from a small country town, Marie felt she had to fight her way to the top, leaving her with a sense of not fully belonging.

Once at Loreto College boarding school, Marie made an admission that she could use hard work to overcome a sense of inadequacy and low self-esteem. She joined a school debating team, which won her an American Field Service Scholarship to live in the US for a year. After returning home, Marie concentrated her new experiences into something positive, and that ambition still frames her life today.

Meeting her future husband Phil, a police cadet at the time, her path into law was opened. Her longstanding marriage to Phil is a rare achievement among barristers, a first marriage still going 44 years later.

At that stage they had two children Marie and Phil decided to move to the country, to Bute, wanting her family growing up as she had.

After two years they bought a small farm at Mallala, which they still own today, and had their third child, diagnosed with dyslexia in her early years. It was the start of a difficult journey that brought Marie indirectly to her great passion, which is the Ice Factor. She is a dedicated philanthropist and devotes most of her spare time to the Ice Factor program which helps troubled teenagers, for whom the system is ready to give up on.

Marie has seen countless kids in court and knew what they had been through to get there – a trail of neglect, dysfunction, alcohol and drugs. She thought ice hockey might help these kids who couldn’t cope with school. The first 15 “Ice Factor kids” were from Parafield High and they were from “the dungeon” where they went during the day instead of normal lessons. Some were homeless and addicted to drugs, and had been in trouble fighting or stealing cars. That was the first pilot project 12 years ago.

Helping others is what Marie loves, and it is the Ice Factor program that drives her and gives her a sense of her own value. “This program is preventing so many kids from ending up in the criminal justice system — and not costing the state $100,000 a year,” she says. “So many of them go on to have very strong and productive lives.”

Marie has unlocked some of the secrets to a fulfilling life and how our callings can leave a lasting legacy for our family and community

The SOL Results team looks forward to welcoming you.

Yours in success,

The SOL Results Team

Join us at Fedoras Restaurant – or join via Zoom