$40K in equity before I had the keys

My problem was that I knew what I wanted to do, but had no idea on how to do it, nor thought I had the funds available to afford what I wanted to do. Over a period of a few months, Stan opened up my eyes on investing in property and in no time at all, I became a “property expert” in my own chosen few suburbs.

With this information I was able to quickly tell the bargains from the overpriced properties listed for sale. Through Stan’s advice I offered a price which I thought was a realistic price for the area and market, and was surprised to end up purchasing the property less than a week later for $70k less than the asking price, and $40k less than market price, giving me $40k equity before I had the keys.

Once I finish subdivision and building two homes on the block, at today’s current market value I will have made about $180k equity, or 1 house owned outright.

Aaron Wright