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Meet the Master Coaches

The SOL Results Master Coaches have helped all kinds of people achieve more professionally and personally through one-on-one coaching and mentoring. If you’re serious about success, a good coach will help you reach your goals faster and easier.

Stan Kontos

Stan Kontos

Stan Kontos is a South Australian business leader, author, mentor, coach and inspirational speaker who enjoys sharing wisdom on living successfully, being positive, and achieving a better balanced life.

His passion is to expand his personal, professional and spiritual development and is an accredited NLP Trainer.

His areas of passion include:
1. Coaching & Mentoring leaders, business owners, and management teams in creating more success for themselves & their clients
2. How to overcome stress and lead a more peaceful & fulfilling life
3. Time management mastery

Stan is an entrepreneur with various businesses around Australia.

Stan focuses on continuous self-improvement of himself and of others – his desire is to expand people’s lives by expanding their mind and helping them grow their entrepreneurial spirit and then to give back to humanity.

Stan is considered one’s ultimate life & business coach.

Peter Gardiakos

Peter Gardiakos

Entrepreneur, NLP Master Practitioner, Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy, Business Owner, Coach, Mentor and Public Speaker.

Peter will inspire you to create everlasting inspirational results in your life

Peter specialises in Health optimization, Vitality and Energy sustainability, Life Balance, Business Mentoring and Culture Development.

A successful entrepreneur, Peter serves as Director and Co-founder of several privately held companies in industries as diverse as health, self development, mentoring, coaching, business services, and consumer based retail. While diverse in characterization, all companies are growing and adding value to people’s lives by improving ones’ life experience.

Peter’s passion with health gives people the chance to apply easy strategies and techniques to take control of their health and achieve Energy and Vitality as part of their life.

Culture development is another passion and is a pinnacle of success in today’s business environment; Peter is a master at achieving the ultimate culture in your business by mentoring and coaching key personnel and taking them and your business to the next level.

Peter will inspire you to create everlasting inspirational results in your life, he has also coached many people to resolve phobia and addictions and return balance and harmony to their life.
Peter also is a great contributor for various charities and events through his personal and business interests. He is also a family man and a proud father blessed with 2 daughters, Peter loves life and people.

Manuel Karkafiris

Manuel Karkafiris

Business entrepreneur, Seminar Leader, Motivational Speaker and Master Coach

Manuel will inspire you to reach your highest potential

Manuel is a Director and co-Founder of SA’s leading personal and professional development company, SOL Results. He is an Internationally Accredited Trainer and Master Coach in NLP, as well as a graduate of the prestigious Leadership Academy in San Diego USA. He is a highly sought after Success Coach, improving his client’s performance in all areas of their life, from their Career and Finances to their Relationships and Health. He is passionate about congruently helping clients achieving Success, Balance and Fulfillment in Life.

Past clients have ranged from pHDs in Psychology, Doctors, CEOs, CFOs, General Managers, Self –employed business people and Working professionals. Manuel began his career as a degree qualified Scientist, where he excelled as an Account Sales Manager for an international U.S.A Fortune 500 corporation.

Manuel is also the CEO of Tomman Pty, a company that continues to have great success in retail franchising. He has owned and operated multiple retail stores making them statewide and nation-wide “top performers.”

His awards include:

SA Franchisee of the Year 2010 Merit Award
SA Franchisee of the years 2012 for The Cheesecake Shop
Manuel is happily married with 2 children. His other passion is Property Investing and Property Development. Manuel’s Success Coaching program along with his business and corporate experience will inspire you to reach your highest potential.

John Ngatia

John Ngatia

John is a Speaker, Peak Performance and Turnaround Coach, an accredited NLP Master Practitioner and a Hydration Specialist. As a speaker/trainer he has an endearing and charismatic style that captures his audience’s attention and hearts.

John’s mission is to inspire millions of people worldwide to live a life of joy, great health and financial abundance.

He is a business and personal development consultant, a peak performance and turn around coach, a dynamic and compelling speaker whose passion is to inspire, motivate and help people to personally enhance and enrich the quality of their life, physically, mentally and financially.

As a Hydration Specialist he has helped hundreds of people worldwide as follows
• Reverse degenerative diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, high blood pressure, acid reflux, gout, fibromyalgia, food intolerances, allergies, asthma, back pains, some types of cancer, crohn’s disease, glaucoma, to mention but a few.
• Slow the ageing process, more energy and enhanced wellbeing.
• In Sports: Improved sports performance, heightened focus, higher levels of endurance, quick recovery from sporting activities and injuries.

A qualified accountant of over 15 years, John has had extensive experience and understanding of business and managing large corporations, having worked in both small businesses and large multinational organisations. This experience can assist you in understanding strategies to apply in your own business and at work.

He has successfully coached and mentored high profile business owners, executives, doctors, surgeons and sports personalities. Some past clients include Kimberly Clarke International, Australia Post, Crown Equipment, Motorola , Star Pharmacy Group, BAE Systems to name but a few.

Advisory Board Members

Mark Mudri

Mark Mudri

Regarded as a highly visionary, resilient professional who has acquired extensive experience across legal, business and parliamentary environments. Committed to establishing a productive, enjoyable work environment that is embedded with core values. Ability to foster strong, meaningful relationships locally, nationally and internationally while encouraging engagement, collaboration and deep, lasting partnerships. Demonstrating a consultative yet decisive, empowering leadership style to enable teams to enhance their capabilties and maintain excellence. Striving to respectfully challenge the status quo to deliver best work practices, balance and fairness within the community.

Deepa Mathew

Deepa Mathew

An outcome focussed leader with strong experience in finance strategy and performance. Experience in driving continuous improvement projects and delivering sustainable financial results. Strong commercial and business acumen with proven track record of business development, sales management, people management and creating and implementing strategy. A people centric leader passionate about delivering the best outcomes for customers. Leadership roles ,Skilled in Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Management, Customer Service, and Banking. Owns her own financial services business and also lectures at universities across Adelaide. Serves on various boards across the Not for Profit sectors.

Sonja Hosking

Sonja Hosking

After completing a Bachelor of Interior Design and gaining experience in different Interior Design practices, Sonja Hosking founded Hosking Interior in 1993. The client list quickly grew, along with the team, with strong referral and repeat business initially in the retail sector which then led to our commercial clients and subsequently residential design.

Hosking Interior Design has come a long way since then, having gained significant levels of experience and expertise and cemented a strong reputation. With time to establish valuable quality control systems and develop our diverse skill base we are now a vibrant team of professionals that offer a range of services across Australia.

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Sol Results specialises in training, mentoring and coaching for improved results in the areas of business and entrepreneurship, wealth creation and investment, health and wellness, success and fulfilment.


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What others say about us…

“I was thrilled to be able to chat with Stan at SOL Results’ “Breakfast at the Next Level” in December 2020. Not only did it give me the invaluable opportunity of reaching a high level audience of South Australian business leaders, it was a relaxed and enjoyable conversation where I was comprehensively able to share my story and deliver some important messages. A special experience in what was an extraordinary year for me!”

Stan spoke at our annual dinner on the topic of ‘Succeeding in Business, and Succeeding in Life’ with entrepreneurs, CEO’s and company directors in the audience. The feedback rating was 10 out of 10 for his delivery, authenticity, and content. He shared his story, learnings, and life-lessons in a way that inspired all that attended to implement positive change in their business and personal lives.

“Our staff had nothing but wonderful things to say about Stan’s presentation! Truly inspiring!
We cannot wait for the next time that we are lucky enough to have Stan present.”

I just wanted to say thank you for a magnificent Retreat. I think you all did a great job in putting it together and I was really impressed. I honestly believe it’s made a positive difference to me and is I look forward to “hopefully” putting more and more of what I have learned into practice over time.