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There are strategies for success. Things we know work when they’re applied consistently. They’re age-old strategies, yet they’re not taught in schools, universities or technical colleges. Chances are, your parents didn’t teach you either. Not because they didn’t want to, just because no one taught them. In fact, it’s surprising how few people know and use them.

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Masterclass Series | AI in Action: Beyond the Buzzwords to Real Solutions

with Ted Deane AI Master

Wednesday 17th July 2024 | 7.00 PM – 8.00 PM ACDT (light refreshments included)

Networking from 6.30 PM

Marshall & Brougham | 12 Dequetteville Terrace, Kent Town SA 5067

I have been programming since the age of 10, coding was not just a pastime for me; it was my career and a portal to understanding the inner workings of technology. This early passion laid the groundwork for my later involvement in significant projects like the Codex Project with OpenAI, now known as GitHub Copilot. Working within a global community, I gained invaluable insights into the practical applications of artificial intelligence (AI), experiences that I bring to each workshop I conduct.

In my workshops, I pride myself on being able to break down AI into digestible, understandable concepts. I liken myself to a mechanic of AI, with a deep understanding of its intricacies. This approach allows me to explain not just how AI tools function, but why they work the way they do, making it easier for participants to grasp and apply these concepts in their professional lives.

Ultimately, my goal is to demystify AI, transforming it from a complex, somewhat intangible technology into a practical tool that business leaders and professionals can confidently wield. Through a blend of firsthand experience and a knack for clear, accessible teaching, I aim to empower individuals to explore and leverage AI, driving innovation and efficiency in their operations.

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