Manuel Karkafiris is a seasoned property investor and developer with more than 27 years of experience in the real estate market.

He purchased his first property at the age of 21, where his original strategy was to pay it off as fast as he could and land-bank it for the long term.

After receiving some extensive mentoring he realised that this strategy was fine, however it was not going to help him accelerate his wealth and property portfolio.

Following advice from his mentors, he developed a new strategy where he would buy properties with large blocks within close proximity to the CBD. He would add value to the property through renovating, rejuvenating or sub-dividing the property, and with the increased value of the property he would utilise the newly created equity to fund more property purchases.

This strategy alone, allowed him to purchase 10 properties in one year in some of SA’s most desirable suburbs.

Making a good investment means you make your money when you buy. It is paramount to know an area/suburb like the back of your hand.”

Returns on the money invested in these deals are typically well over 100% and property developments are providing on average a return of investment of 20-25%.

“Building wealth through property involves strategy and mindset. Learning to break through personal limitations and the fear barrier prevents many people from even getting started, even when they know the strategy has worked for others in the past”

As a Director and Master Coach at SOL Results, he has successfully coached and mentored many people in creating wealth through property investment.