I just wanted to say thank you for a magnificent Retreat. I think you all did a great job in putting it together and I was really impressed. I honestly believe it’s made a positive difference to me and is I look forward to “hopefully” putting more and more of what I have learned into […]

Thank you team for an inspiring weekend

Thank you team for an inspiring weekend, that I would describe as Alpha (learning) meets Landmark or Landmark with HEART. Thank God you guys emphasise the importance of Truth and Spirit for a fulfilling life! This was a pleasant surprise and made my weekend all the more satisfying – knowing I was in the hands of people with heart and soul. I have attended many workshops over the past 15 years and believe you have developed something unique (blending “career” goals with spiritual goals).

Love and Light


I cannot remember feeling this good

Hi Stan, Peter, Manual, Rita, Cathy, Hung and John,

Well since your seminar I have felt so full of life its like I’m jumping out of my skin and that is how my life is, full of excitement. I cannot remember feeling this good and positive about life since the birth of my first child, it is just amazing! I would love to meet you all again it was a totally transforming weekend for me! Anyway I am telling everyone I meet how I feel so they will be inspired to go to your seminar too! Thank you, have a fantastic day!

Kathy Byles

Went beyond my expectations

The weekend went beyond my expectations and I found the peace that I needed which I couldn’t do by myself. This weekend gave me closure on what was a very hurtful, confusing and frightening situation. Thank you all and bless you all.

Adriana Pace

The weekend was a life changing experience

Stan, Manuel and Peter are very genuine, down to earth people, who have walked the walk. Their personal experiences gave me the belief that anyone can achieve their dreams if they learn to apply the power of the mind. The weekend was a life changing experience.

Thank you

Bruno A

The weekend was one of the most unforgettable life experiences for me

To Peter, Stan and Manuel,

I would like to thank all of you for providing an amazing workshop on the weekend. I really enjoyed the fun, the activities, the warm welcome from all of you and the friendly environment from all the people who attended the workshop. So far, I really enjoy practicing every morning, the breathing, positive self-talk and gratitude that I learnt from form your workshop. These simple excercises do make a huge difference in how I feel and enjoy my everyday life. Beside these , all other materials that you taught us during the workshop will become powerful tools to achieve the power of the mind. The weekend was one of the most unforgettable life experiences for me.

Thank you

Diep L

They are people who truly care about others

I feel so blessed to have attended The Next Level workshop with Peter, Stan and Manuel. They are not only amazing leaders who live what they teach but they are people who truly care about others. I attended Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within about 9 months ago and while I loved the event, there were a number of what I felt were key points which were covered at The Next Level workshop which weren’t touched on at UPW.

In addition, it is so helpful to be able to ask questions and have discussions with the leaders during the workshop which is impossible in a large event such as UPW. To complete the experience, Peter, Stan and Manuel made themselves available to us the following weekend so we could discuss any challenges which had arisen during the week and finely tune our goals, rules and values which we had worked on the previous weekend. This follow-up was invaluable to me and has meant that I have not only heard about countless tools to use in shaping my life but most importantly I now feel confident that I know HOW to use them and have in fact already started making use of them!

Jenny P

Our journey through life will now be enriched

To Peter, Stan, and Manuel,

What an awesome weekend! Thank you so much for the knowledge, guidance, and motivation you instilled in our minds. Linda and I have benefited immensely from this experience and feel confident to utilise this knowledge to achieve successful outcomes with our newly defined goals. Our journey through life will now be enriched with gratitude, better nutrition, positive values and beliefs, and higher energy states. You have boosted our self esteem. You have a gift which is evident by the energy we feel in your presence.

Eternally grateful

Domenic and Linda P

The content was outstanding

Dieter and I both believe “The Next Level” is a must for anyone wishing to move forward in their life. The content was outstanding covering many different levels of life and the honesty, integrity and sensitivity of the presenters was exceptional creating a very powerful environment in which everyone participating could share. We both gained breakthroughs in key areas of life and believe we will continue to do so as we review the material presented. It was very inspirational and on another level; personally I found it to be very healing. The feedback we gained back from the questionnaires was also very insightful! We are both very grateful to have attended and take this opportunity to thank Stan, Peter and Manuel for their awesome contribution to all the participants.

Helen and Dieter Z