Breakfast at the Next Level | November 2021 | Get Motivated + Create Wealth Through Shares

A two-part inspirational workshop by Stan Kontos & Peter Gardiakos

Get Motivated with Stan Kontos

speaker, coach, entrepreneur and author with a passion for developing human potential


Create wealth through shares with Peter Gardiakos

entrepreneur in business, health mentor, NLP practitioner, long term investor and public speaker

Join us at Breakfast at the Next Level, on Wednesday 3 November 2021, when we hear from our very own mastercoaches Stan Kontos & Peter Gardiakos.

Get Motivated with Stan Kontos
Motivation is a key driver in all our lives. Everything we do, we do to gain a good feeling, or to avoid a bad feeling. The secret is knowing how to use emotions and not emotions using us.

No matter what is happening in our lives (good or not so good), wouldn’t it be good to know how to feel good? What if the events of the external world did not affect (excessively) our inner world? This is the science and art of motivation.

Come along to “Get Motivated with Stan Kontos” and learn how to make yourself (and others) feel good. When you know how to make yourself and others feel good, you will improve your leadership skills, and motivated people have (in general) better health, happier relationships, and growing incomes.


Create wealth through shares with Peter Gardiakos
Peter Gardiakos will share his insights into how wealth can be created with investing through shares.

Peter started his journey in the sharemarket in 1986 and is investing 35 years later.

Peter will share his insights and some simple rules to follow that have assisted him to be successful in the market, plus some mistakes that common investors make ( him included in the early days) to avoid making.

Please note that Peter is not authorised to give advice about your personal investment or share advice, the morning will be purely educational, Peter’s journey lessons and leanings he has encountered.

So if you are a beginner, new to investing or have experience there is always room for improving your education and knowledge is Peter’s belief and you never know one day in the future you can look back and say WOW.


The SOL Results team looks forward to welcoming you.

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03 Nov 2021


Networking from 6.30AM
6:30 AM - 9:00 AM




Fedoras Restaurant at Hilton Hotel
264 South Rd, Hilton SA 5033


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