Guest Post | Struggling With Change? It Could Be in Your Mindset

GUEST POST BY  Manuel Karkafiris

People in business and in their careers are constantly looking at ways to make their lives easier. They often get to the point whereby they need to decide whether to embrace new technology that is coming at us at a rate of knots or to continue doing the same thing and getting the same results, or even worse, perhaps expecting different results.
The truth is, in order to embrace technology you must be willing to embrace the process of “change”. We all know that technology has proven itself in the past, that it can assist us in becoming more efficient and more effective in our lives. We only have to look at computers and telephones in the way that they have revolutionized the way we do business today.
Companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Amazon were quick to jump onto the technological highway and subsequently they have become leaders in their markets.
So knowing this, why is it that people struggle with technology and change?
The main reason is that change will take us outside of our own “certainty”, which is better known as our comfort zone. Certainty is a human need and behavioral requirement, which makes us feel grounded and in control. Psychologically, it is far easier to do the same things that we are certain that we are good at, as opposed to stepping into “uncertainty” or change, which means we may feel lost initially.
This makes us emotionally and neurologically link pain to change, as opposed to linking pleasure to the desired results that we would like in the future. Subsequently, we do not proceed with what we really want and instead we fall into the trap of procrastination.
Having studied the mindsets of Multi-millionaires and billionaires, and the latest technology in Neuro-conditioning in achieving the “Success mindset,” I have recognized a pattern that successful people use to embrace change and technology. It is achieved by feeling absolutely certainty in uncertainty. This involves a shift in thinking, by focusing on what is desired for your business and life, and sticking to a plan to achieve it. Absolute certainty is achieved by researching, as well as obtaining knowledge and experience in the area concerned. This means that we need to read books, complete courses or hire a coach or mentor to fast track the process, and to assist us in shifting our thinking to a higher level.
Like all things that we learn it all starts off with the first step, and with momentum and persistence we can get the results we want. Whether, we learn to walk, ride a bike or learn to use a new piece of technology, eventually we master the process of change and we look towards the next level of uncertainty in our life to further grow and develop.
Manuel Karkafiris is a Director of SOL Results. He is a sought after Master Coach, Business Entrepreneur and Internationally Certified NLP Trainer. He can be contacted on or