• Breakfast at the Next Level

    It’s for the ambitious, the motivated, the inspired, the entrepreneurs.

  • The best people and knowledge brought together to accelerate your learning process

    SOL Results

  • Breakfast at the Next Level

    On the first Wednesday of the month, some of South Australia’s most successful and motivated people get together over breakfast to discuss, learn, share and grow – personally and professionally.

    Massively increase your personal and business success; join Stan Kontos for Breakfast at the Next Level.


Learn, grow, achieve

Breakfast at the Next Level brings you face to face with experts in business, success, wellness and wealth creation.

Experts share their secrets to success

Starting with a hearty helping of valuable information presented by leaders who are successful in their own right, you’ll collect insights that often take years to gain.

Past presenters have included:

Add to that a bottomless cup of inspiration and motivation, and you’ll see why these exclusive breakfasts are one of the most powerful ways to fast track your life and business goals.

If you’re hungry for achievement and fulfilment in life, you can rely on the smorgasbord of practical, ready-to-use information you’ll get when you wake up to Breakfast at the Next Level to keep you powering forward.

1079 Life and SOL Results presents BREAKFAST AT THE NEXT LEVEL

Adelaide’s Premier Breakfast event proudly sponsored by


South Australia’s foremost authority on Peak Life Performance and Leadership Psychology

Stan Kontos is a speaker, coach, entrepreneur and author with a passion for developing human potential. Through Sol Results, Stan helps a varied range of people achieve peak potential. Stan hosts Breakfast at the Next Level to bring strategies for success in business and life to anyone looking to achieve more.