Guest Post | Six Ways to a Successful Life

GUEST POST BY  Manuel Karkafirs 

Have you ever noticed that some people look happy and joyous all the time, whilst other people prefer to live and dwell in their negative emotions? What causes this? What do successful people, who are in balance, do differently to the rest of the population? The fact is there are no secrets. Creating a balanced life involves being aware of the following 6 principles. Practicing them may unlock a new outlook to your life.
Real change can happen in a heartbeat, as long as you’re committed to using the hidden potential inside of you. This coincides with an old parable that states: “Without knowing the within you will never know the without”. The real truth about our journey here on Earth is: “It’s not about what you do, but who you become”.

From my research on numerous ultra successful entrepreneurs, I have observed the following practices to be used by many of them:

(a) Real change, massive change, comes from the way you communicate to yourself, which in turn affects your communication with others. Studies have shown that our communication involves 7% Words, 38% Voice Tonality and 55% Physiology.
Our physiology is critical to the way we control our state and our emotions, which in turn affects our behaviors and the responses we get from others. Physiology refers to the way we use and move our body. In particular our posture, gestures and breathing. Have you ever noticed that depressed or sad people have lower postures and shallower breathing, as opposed to happy or excited people who are upright in posture, and breathing fully? If you try smiling in a depressed posture, the state change is immediate. You will notice that the intensity of depression drops off.
(b) The language and the vocabulary you use consistently can affect your state dramatically. When asked How are you today? There is a different emotional feeling when you respond “Not bad” as opposed to “Fantastic”. This is more than just positive thinking it is the way we are wired neurologically. Words have the power to uplift or to destroy.
(c) Nothing in life has a meaning other than the meaning you give it. This means everything seems real in our perception.One person may look at a Roller Coaster and think “WOW… this is exciting:” and another may look at it as a very scary experience. It’s the same event with two different perceptions. So when you change the way you perceive things, the things you look at are seen in a different light.

How can you hit a target that does not exist? Many people in our society do not have an empowering vision, an outcome to aim at, or to compel them to create the life they truly desire. Successful people have absolute clarity. They actually define the “Bulls eye” and they know why they want it, as well as taking the first steps of action towards it. They have the mindset that there is no such thing as failure but only a learning experience.

Where do your thoughts come from? Are you your thoughts or your thoughts are you?
Every thought that comes into your mind needs to be treated like a seed. Will this seed be fruitful or will it create weeds in your mind. Each thought leads to a decision, which leads to an action. Your consistent actions lead to habits, which then lead to your character and eventually to your destiny.Be wary of your thoughts.

The quality of the questions you ask will result in the quality of the answers you receive. WHY questions tend to dwell on the problem. Why does this always happen to me? Why can’t I get it right? Your brain will search for an answer and often it is not going to make you feel better. Typical responses are You’re unlucky or you’re no good. WHAT or HOW questions are solution focused. These provide you with an empowering way to move forward. Examples are: How can I make this better? What must I do to improve the situation?

What you focus on is what you will get. Your brain has a sophisticated compass called the Reticulating Activating System, which will focus on the habitual thoughts you put into your unconscious mind. Therefore if you focus consistently on earning more income, your mind will search and find ways.
The negative part is that if you focus that you don’t want to be poor, your unconscious mind does not process the negative, and it will only focus on poor, and that’s what you’ll become.

References are primarily based on past experiences, which support the belief. Our parents and friends often have a big impact on the way we form and condition our beliefs. The more references we have the stronger support for the belief.
Negative or limiting beliefs can disempower people from getting what they want out of life.
Examples are: I’m too young, too old, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money.
Positive or empowering beliefs provide the appropriate drive and motivation to tackle any challenge or obstacle.
Examples are: I can do anything I set my mind to; the past does not equal the future

In order to create massive change in your life it is all about choices. It is up to you to make the decision to change, as you are in control of your destiny. Be wary of your physiology, your inner communication and the things you focus on. Be prepared to change your limiting belief systems and to confront your fears.

Finally take a quiet walk in nature, still your mind and reflect on all the positive experiences in your life.
Abundance and balance is all in your mind and change can happen in a heartbeat.

Live with passion, stay on purpose, and always be at peace.