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Next Level Retreat 2024 | Two day event

Two days of intensive personal growth and development that will change your life

Barossa Valley Resort

Away from daily life, you’ll have the time and specialist guidance to work on yourself and your life… and ultimately create the life you want to live as well as a solid plan you’ll want to stick with when you go home.

In two immersive days with some of South Australia’s finest performance coaches, you’ll learn strategies for success in every area of your life. You’ll discover how to break out of patterns that are holding you back. You’ll learn simple, powerful strategies that successful people rely on to create more success in their lives. You’ll get closer to your purpose and dreams. And…

You’ll learn how to harness the power of your mind to create the life of your dreams.


Whether you want to focus on your family, work, purpose, relationships, life balance, general happiness, spirituality or health, the Next Level Retreat will offer you tried and tested tools to create real and lasting results.

In fact, you can use the information you’ll learn to improve anything at all in your life.


You’ll explore the intricacies of the mind-body-spirit connection and how to create abundance

How you think, what you say, what you believe to be true and how you manage your body all have a powerful part to play in creating your reality and results. If you’ve ever wondered why some people have all the luck or the same things keep on happening in your life, you’ll be thrilled to discover at the Next Level Retreat that the answers are simple and you can become the lucky person and start achieving different (better) results than you have before. This applies to anything in your life because…

The Next Level Retreat is presented by the founders of South Australia’s foremost coaching and peak performance organisation, SOL Results. Each presenter is a master NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner and a highly accomplished master coach.

Stan Kontos, Manual Karkafiris, John Ngatia and Peter Gardiakos.

Together, their skills and experience combine to bring you one of the most powerful, life-changing programs available in Australia today.