Breakfast at the Next Level | July 2023 | The Passion To Succeed

On the first Wednesday of the Month, some of South Australia’s most successful and motivated people get together over breakfast to discuss, learn, share and grow – personally and professionally.


Join us for breakfast on Wednesday 5th of July, when we meet with Gary Williams – Founder of Assured Home Loans & Assured Property Invest.

Gary William’s greatest life’s lessons is, PASSION IS ATTRACTIVE, and it’s how the Assured story started. A totally unqualified Aussie lad, Gary left school at an early age of 15 and began his career, climbing up the ladder to success very quickly,  as a state manager of a finance group whilst knowing nothing about finance. He built a South Australian iconic business which peaked at $60m in mortgage lending, winning a nation award for the production of Home mortgage products and Winning the  AFG Coveted Champion Business Award 6 years in a row. Gary’s definition of success is, know your purpose and what you are gifted for and rise to the top of your ability, then help others do the same.

The Passion To Succeed – Gary Williams, Founder of Assured Home Loans & Assured Property Invest

Wednesday 5 July 2023 | 7:00AM – 9:00AM
(networking from 6.30)
Adelaide Pavilion | Veale Gardens
cnr South Terrace & Peacock Road, Adelaide

About our guest Gary Williams, Founder of Assured Home Loans and Assured Property Invest

WINNING is an autobiography that reveals a unique ability, right from childhood, to visualise, achieve and succeed. Through Gary Williams’ life story, despite his larrikin-style and mistakes made along the way, you will learn what it takes to achieve wealth and ultimate success in anything you choose to do and without qualifications or formal training. You can succeed on your own terms and under your own steam. In ‘Winning’, this is reflected in so many areas of Gary’s life, including music, business, publishing, pilot training, gyro and helicopter flight, financial freedom, financial management and more.

By reading this book, you will learn the secrets and tips to follow to achieve your goals in any area, whether that be business, wealth building or honing your skills in a creative pursuit, to the highest level—or all of the above, as Gary has done.

His book will show you that anyone can achieve through adopting the same philosophies and the same level of passion, focus and commitment to a goal or set of goals. Don’t let anyone get in the way and don’t let anyone tell you ‘you can’t’. Believe in yourself and your ability; know that you are capable and do not waver from that belief; be focussed and determined; set your goal and do it. The more passion you release to achieve, the more success you will experience.

Finally, you need to know that God wants you just as you are, not with you trying to be good to please him because if you are like me you suck at trying to be good.

Assured Property Invest – Company BIO

Assured Property Invest is part of the Assured Group of companies which has been looking after Australian investors since 1988. We’re a well known and trusted brand in SA and our passion is helping our customers.

At Assured Property Invest, our team of professional property investment advisors specialise in assisting individuals who want to start investing in property or are looking to expand their existing portfolio. We understand that investing can be stressful, which is why we aim to simplify the process so that you can spend more time doing what you love. Our expert consultants will guide you through the entire property investment process, providing you with comprehensive support from start to finish.

Gary Williams, the CEO of Assured Property Invest, has a passion for helping people achieve financial freedom through property investing. His extensive industry knowledge and experience has helped Assured Property Invest establish itself as a long-term leading player in the South Australian property investment market. Gary is committed to delivering a personalised service that caters to the unique needs of each client, and he provides expert guidance and support to clients himself.

Gary’s definition of success – Know your purpose and what you are gifted for and rise to the top of your ability, then help others do the same.


05 Jul 2023


Networking from 6.30AM
7:00 am - 9:00 am




Adelaide Pavilion


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