33 – What is the Value of Wise Advice?


Have you ever said to yourself “I wish I knew this when I was younger.” Whilst we cannot turn back the years, we can change our thinking by thinking more into the future and realising what we need to know now to help get us to our goals in life.

A good friend of mine shared with me the following wisdom, “Everything that you are seeking is seeking you”.  What does this mean? Well… what it means is, if we are inspired to have something in life, then if we seek diligently, we will find the way to achieve it and we will grow as a person on the journey of attaining this goal. There is always someone who has done what you want to do. There is always someone who can shift your thinking which will then propagate you in the direction of your goals and dreams. Your role is to find this someone.

What is required of you is to recognise the impact of a conversation, the effect of a series of conversations, or the change a relationship will have on your future.

Who you associate with on a consistent basis is who you become most like. That’s right… “You cannot fly like an eagle if you surround yourself with turkeys” is a wisdom another good friend of mine told me many decades ago (it actually made me laugh the first time I heard this).

So, if there is something you want to bring into your life in the next 1, 3 or 5 years, who do you need in your life today to assist you to get there? Who do you need to become to be worthy of this goal? What do you need to learn to give you the knowledge and confidence to achieve this?

One of my many passions in life is “coaching (mindset development) and mentoring (sharing strategies and contacts)” and after having coached hundreds of business and career oriented people over decades I do know one thing: “What you think about and take action with, on a daily basis, is who you become and what you bring into your life.” And in order to think constructively on a daily basis, you need to have the right people in your life. This is the secret to all success.

So as we approach the end of this year and the beginning of a new year 2018, what will you do differently next year to assure you of creating a worthy year? How will you make 2018 a great year?

My friends, life is a gift and you can never turn back the clock. Proper planning, preparation and people will help you yield the life you desire and deserve.

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Make a decision today to make 2018 an amazing year very different to 2017. And make the decision to bring in the resources (books, people, and coach/mentor) that will guarantee an outstanding year for you and your family.

Stan Kontos 

As South Australia’s foremost authority on “Peak Life Performance” and “Leadership Psychology”, Stan has a passion for the development of Human Potential through the use of Rapid Change Technologies.
Stan is a prolific reader of books and material on self empowerment and has attended numerous programs around the world on personal development, management, marketing, public speaking, and wealth creation. He is a worldwide accredited NLP Trainer (Neurolinguistic Programming).

His areas of passion include:

  • Coaching: Business, Executive and Personal
  • Mentoring: Leaders, Managers and Management teams
  • Therapy for rapid improvements in stress and personal blocks
  • Leadership Development
  • Life Enhancing Seminar Programs teaching Success Strategies and Personal Empowerment

Stan is an entrepreneur with business interests in various states across Australia.

Stan focuses on continuous and never ending improvement of himself and his teams of partners and associates as well as selfless contribution to others. He is an inspiring and motivating speaker, author, coach, and entrepreneur. He desires to expand people’s lives and to expand his charitable quests.

Best wishes to you as you live a life of passion, purpose and peace as an open minded progressive human being.

Stan is considered to be one’s “ultimate” life and business coach.

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