41 – Face Your Fear & Win


Have you ever had a situation where you avoided doing something because of fear only to realise later (sometimes years down the track) that it wasn’t that frightening anyway?

Can you recall limitations you had as a child, teenager or a young adult that looking back seem silly now?

Do you have something that is holding you back today from moving forward?

Fear is a negative emotion that we all at some stage go through, however, we do not need to be held back by it. It is important that we recognise it for what it really is – it is an illusion that is appearing real in our mind. The way to handle fear is to face it and march through it bravely (of course we are talking about irrational fears and not protective fears that preserve your life).

I have an affirmation that I say to myself daily and it goes like this; “I will never live in fear, and fear will never live in me”. Courage, thus is the act of marching through the fear bravely, that is, facing the fear and winning over it.

Fear is a call to action, a call for us to grow through what we need to grow through so we can become better people. Yes, personal growth is hard work but it is permanently rewarding. A great wisdom I refer to always is “Transform your life by the renewing of your mind”. We need to march through the fear so we can change our thinking and realise it was all an illusion. Once we conquer the fear, we are free to march forward into our destiny. Our destiny is what we are called to do in our life – our life’s purpose.

Don’t let fear hold you back. If you need to, get a good coach that can show you some techniques to conquer it. Realise you are not the only person that needs to do this, at some stage every human being has had to march through fear. And understand that conquering your fear is a personal and spiritual development process that will make you a better version of you. And this new version of you, will be able to now, become more, accomplish more, and give more to the world.

Courage is not having no fear. Courage is marching on despite the fear. And when you get through it (and sometimes you have to do it a number of times such as public speaking), you will transform and become fearless because you will discover that there is nothing to be fearful about in the first place.

Here are some daily affirmations to help you:

I will never live in fear and fear will never live in me

I am brave

I am bold

I am courageous

Personal growth may be challenging but it is always permanently rewarding

I face the fear and I win

I wish you best of results in conquering that which is holding you back and if you reside in South Australia, come along to Breakfast at the Next Level www.solresults.com/nextlevelbreakfasts

Live with passion, always stay on your life purpose, and stay at peace.

Stan Kontos 

As South Australia’s foremost authority on “Peak Life Performance” and “Leadership Psychology”, Stan has a passion for the development of Human Potential through the use of Rapid Change Technologies.
Stan is a prolific reader of books and material on self empowerment and has attended numerous programs around the world on personal development, management, marketing, public speaking, and wealth creation. He is a worldwide accredited NLP Trainer (Neurolinguistic Programming).

His areas of passion include:

  • Coaching: Business, Executive and Personal
  • Mentoring: Leaders, Managers and Management teams
  • Therapy for rapid improvements in stress and personal blocks
  • Leadership Development
  • Life Enhancing Seminar Programs teaching Success Strategies and Personal Empowerment

Stan is an entrepreneur with business interests in various states across Australia.

Stan focuses on continuous and never ending improvement of himself and his teams of partners and associates as well as selfless contribution to others. He is an inspiring and motivating speaker, author, coach, and entrepreneur. He desires to expand people’s lives and to expand his charitable quests.

Best wishes to you as you live a life of passion, purpose and peace as an open minded progressive human being.

Stan is considered to be one’s “ultimate” life and business coach.

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