The knowledge and skills I have learnt through the Property Investing course with Stan Kontos and Armando Paradiso will assist me in taking my property investing to the next level. They have a fantastic team who will teach you the key foundation stones of being a successful property investor and the value of having the right mindset and team to support you.

It was fantastic to learn in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, with the ability to ask and discuss your own questions in relation to property investing. Stan and Armando are a true local success story and both are approachable guys who are focused on helping you achieve your goals in property, and I would recommend this course to anyone, it has certainly changed my direction in property investing.

Robert Selfe

The SOL Results Property Course was an invaluable educational experience which has propelled me along my property investment journey.

The course has also transformed and enhanced my mindset. Stan provided many great insights around the foundation of applying simple principles to improving outcomes in life, health, relationships and wealth. This made me realise that successful property investing is as much about the journey as it is about the results.

I consider myself a beginner property investor and was able to collaborate alongside people at different stages of their property investment journey. The content and material provided was well suited for the entire group and the ability to network with each other was an invaluable experience of working with like-minded individuals.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank both Armando and Stan for their teachings, advice and support. Their experience and knowledge has provided me with the skills, confidence, and motivation to pursue and achieve my property investment goals.

Giancarlo Rescignano

Real Estate Riches is different from many courses in that it does not try to “sell” anything.  Stan & Manuel simply provide genuine advice, real estate investment tools and a vital network of industry contacts, built upon years of experience in the Adelaide property market.  These tools provide a solid foundation to begin residential real estate investment, or to improve returns from an existing property portfolio.

Michael Smyth

I have attended many property seminars and courses over the past three years, most of which use scare tactics to try and get you to purchase from a list of old stock they have now before the deals go out the door, or trick you into getting into a happy and motivated state of mind before making great 1 off offers and deals only available to the first few people who stand up and open their wallets.

What I loved about this program is they don’t sell you anything, nothing at all, no property deals or off-the-plan packages. They simply teach you about property which opens your eyes up to possible another way of thinking whilst networking with a class full of like minded people.

Aaron Wright

My husband and I recently attended the property development course run by SOL Results. We had in the past completed a number of developments which involved purchasing a parcel of land, subdividing and building 2 new houses so we had had some previous exposure to this kind of investment. Having said that we had not had any formal instruction on the processes involved and were in effect making it up as we went along with the occasional bit of guidance from people in the building industry.

When the market began to drop off we became apprehensive about continuing in this fashion and put our development career on hold.

The course run by SOL Results has been invaluable in providing us with the necessary tools to make an informed and educated decision on potential investment sites. It has allowed us to have the confidence to think outside the square, take ourselves out of our comfort zones and to expand and explore much bigger opportunities far sooner than we would have otherwise.

It cemented the knowledge we already had and taught us not only development strategies but also life lessons with the sessions from Stan. This has also led onto some personal coaching which again is providing invaluable life lessons in all areas of growth, personal and professional.

The financial investment we have made in the courses / coaching with SOL Results has provided us almost immediately with investment opportunities which have paid for the course many times over!!!!!

Maria Moutos

My problem was that I knew what I wanted to do, but had no idea on how to do it, nor thought I had the funds available to afford what I wanted to do. Over a period of a few months, Stan opened up my eyes on investing in property and in no time at all, I became a “property expert” in my own chosen few suburbs.

With this information I was able to quickly tell the bargains from the overpriced properties listed for sale. Through Stan’s advice I offered a price which I thought was a realistic price for the area and market, and was surprised to end up purchasing the property less than a week later for $70k less than the asking price, and $40k less than market price, giving me $40k equity before I had the keys.

Once I finish subdivision and building two homes on the block, at today’s current market value I will have made about $180k equity, or 1 house owned outright.

Aaron Wright