43 – When it comes to wealth creation – What gets measured gets managed


I’ve never met anyone in Western society that genuinely didn’t want extra income or wealth. Most people are aware that extra income or wealth usually results in having the capacity to acquire more of life’s comforts (that dream house or hot car), or to travel more, or to help others (family, friends, charity), or for some extra security (put it away for a rainy day).

I have the privilege to coach and mentor many career and business people and it surprises me how very few ever measure their income or wealth position regularly. From personal experience (which means from the experience of failure and from the experience of success) it is only when we truly measure how we are going in generating more income or creating further wealth that we realise how much power we truly have to create a more abundant life. When we measure things, this is when we are truly managing it.

So what do I mean by measure? Well, what I encourage my clients to do every quarter (July, October, January and April) is review the value of their real estate holdings, the value of their share market and managed fund investment portfolio, the value of their personal assets (home, cars, other) and the incremental increases in their income (both from their career and from their rental income or dividends).

The wonderful “Law Of Compounding” (one of the wonders of the world) comes into play as time goes by – we get to see this remarkable law at play when we measure our income and wealth positions. When we look at the growth in our income and wealth and at the same time monitor our home budgets (yes, it is important to have a review of all your home expenses documented in detail once a month), we get a thorough understanding in what we need to do more of, or less of, to create the abundant life we desire and deserve.

Wealthy people rarely become so by chance, they become so because they focus and put energy into this very important area of life. For those of you that are on this pathway of creating a more abundant life for yourself and for others (remember, in the spiritual sense, we are meant to provide for our children’s children if we are faithful custodians of the money we earn and multiply intelligently) well done in adopting these principles and seeing their wonders as the years go by! For those of you that may be struggling with your finances, take heart, for there is a proven methodology that will bring income growth and wealth into your lives (if you seek, you will find).

Go forward and use the law of compounding, the law of what you measure you truly manage, and the law of budgeting wisely to create more income and wealth in your life and develop yourself into a position where you can bless others with this gift.

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Live with passion, always stay on your life purpose, and stay at peace.

Stan Kontos 

As South Australia’s foremost authority on “Peak Life Performance” and “Leadership Psychology”, Stan has a passion for the development of Human Potential through the use of Rapid Change Technologies.
Stan is a prolific reader of books and material on self empowerment and has attended numerous programs around the world on personal development, management, marketing, public speaking, and wealth creation. He is a worldwide accredited NLP Trainer (Neurolinguistic Programming).

His areas of passion include:

  • Coaching: Business, Executive and Personal
  • Mentoring: Leaders, Managers and Management teams
  • Therapy for rapid improvements in stress and personal blocks
  • Leadership Development
  • Life Enhancing Seminar Programs teaching Success Strategies and Personal Empowerment

Stan is an entrepreneur with business interests in various states across Australia.

Stan focuses on continuous and never ending improvement of himself and his teams of partners and associates as well as selfless contribution to others. He is an inspiring and motivating speaker, author, coach, and entrepreneur. He desires to expand people’s lives and to expand his charitable quests.

Best wishes to you as you live a life of passion, purpose and peace as an open minded progressive human being.

Stan is considered to be one’s “ultimate” life and business coach.

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